One boat's voyage towards a brighter tomorrow

The Mission

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Four middle-aged men (who should know better) determined to shape a more positive future, build a lasting legacy and raise over £200,000 for Diabetes UK, The Last Straw and Cancer Research UK.


Help progress the boundaries of sustainable design by developing and building the world’s most sustainable rowing boat.


Two unique research projects undertaken on board that will help experts progress the understanding of marine pollution and metal health.


Delivering three unique ‘live’ lessons from the middle of the Atlantic to a global school audience. Bringing key environmental issues to life.

The Voyage

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days and nights of non-stop rowing, 2 hours on, 2 hours off


ft seas

The Team

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The Lessons

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There is no such thing as waste and everything has value.

Design and build the world’s most sustainable rowing boat.

Lessons from a boat The Lessons-02


Progress our understanding of marine pollution.

A unique opportunity to gather real time data like never before.

Lessons from a boat The Lessons-03


Improving well-being and mental health in the workplace.

What can we learn related to everyday performance.

Lessons from a boat The Lessons-04


The ‘actual’ lessons.

A series of unique lessons delivered by the team from the middle of the Atlantic.

Join The Team

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