Lessons From A Boat Illustrations_Lesson 3

Lesson 03

Improving well-being and mental health in the workplace

Physical performance is linked to mental health

Positivity, depression, enthusiasm, injury. Whilst both physical and mental fatigue impacts everyday life – we are about to put ourselves to the ultimate test. We are four old men in a boat. All leaders in our own field. About to face some remarkable physiological and psychological challenges that will reflect on many workplace environments.

Physical Health

• Endurance injuries
• Chronic strain management
• Back pain
• Soft tissue trauma
• Fatigue
• What affects performance
• Nutrition

Mental Health

• Linkage between well-being and performance
• Team qualities to build a successful partnership (leadership / decision making / crisis management / organisational skills)
• Mental challenges and or threats

We want to make a difference

The changing environment and facing adversity of our adventure will place us out of our comfort zone into areas where we will meet a variety of immediate and longer-term psychological challenges. We want to show how you can successfully manage many different situations to support and to gain the most out of each individual. Wellbeing management that relates to the workplace.

How we react and face these situations will be assisted by the mental and physical support we give to one another. Team skills that have seen many companies pull through following the worldwide pandemic and who are now challenged with their own changing environment.

What can we learn and how this relates to everyday occupational performance. We will collect data to analyse a ‘Health Report’ for each crew member:

• Vital stats (BMI data)

• Daily emotional scores

• Physical daily wellbeing score

How we navigate the challenges facing us will impact on our success or failure which can be related to business performance – large or small.

Lesson 1: relating our endurance activity to workplace stress management

Lesson 2: team work to maximise outcome

Lesson 3: relationship management with endurance, fatigue, emotional and physical impairment