Lessons From A Boat Illustrations_Lesson 4

Lesson 04

The ‘actual’ lessons

A series of unique lessons delivered by the team from the middle of the Atlantic to a global audience

The Lessons From and Boat team know they have a unique and precious opportunity to capture sights, sounds and experiences to deliver high impact ‘live’ lessons right from a little boat bobbing on the vast Atlantic Ocean! We want other people to benefit from what we are doing and ‘share’ the lessons and wisdom gained.

The key lessons will be:

• Explore and share the ways in which healthy outdoor activities and challenges can support mental health/wellbeing.

• Learn about the importance of our oceans and what the children can do to help save our oceans.

• Science (including water sampling, marine biology/life, psychology).

• Geography (Oceanography, currents, weather patterns, human impact/environment, navigation.

• Design and Technology (materials science/properties and building a boat to withstand an ocean crossing).

• Citizenship and the environment (plastic waste/observational focus).